Call for £8bn-a-year boost for social care: Free help should be given to people needing it to eat, wash and use the toilet, demands House of Lords' committee

At 61, Melanie Griffith is proving that she still has a bod made for sin.

The Working Girls actress recently took to Instagram with a video of her rigorous workout routine.

Now, she's showing off the product of her work as she enjoys a day of boating on the Mediterranean.

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She has been a long time face of Calvin Klein and even shot a campaign with her entire family.

Now Kendall Jenner is back for the latest summer campaign by the brand

The 23-year-old sizzled, in a video posted to Instagram on Friday, while wearing a red bikini and flashes different angles to the camera.

Solar eclipse temporarily plunges La Serena, Chile into total darkness during the day. This lasted just two and a half minutes and swept along a path extending 6,800 miles. The event brought more than 300,000...

Video: Curtis shows Maura how to dance while Amy watches jealously
In the preview for Sunday's Love Island, Curtis Pritchard and Maura Higgins are seen getting close following his breakup with Amy Hart. Curtis shows Maura how to dance while Amy is seen watching from afar. Craig.

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